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Dragon Age 3 Inquisition

BioWare officially announced Dragon Age III: Inquisition today in a post on the BioWare website by Executive Producer Mark Darrah. Darrah said that BioWare has been “working on it in some way for about two years now with the bulk of [their] efforts ramping up about 18 months ago.”

The announcement doesn’t come as much of a shock as many gamers assumed BioWare was already working on the next game the series, especially after rumors about the third title surfaced last month. Surprise announcement or not, actual details about the project are scarce.

Dragon Age 3 concept art

In addition to the game’s subtitle, Darrah also revealed that  the “game is being made by a lot of the same team that has been working on Dragon Age since Dragon Age: Origins.” The game is also getting a new engine that is based off of DICE’s Frosbite 2 engine. However, no word on what platforms the game will hit when it comes out later next year.

In a press release, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn said that the team has “been poring over player feedback from past games and connecting directly with our fans.” BioWare can make all the reassuring statements it wants, for many fans Dragon Age II is still a low point for the series.


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