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While it’s true that Rockstar has closed its Vancouver studio, they are also expanding into a brand new facility in Oakville, Ontario for the Rockstar Toronto studio.The Vancouver staff is being given the option of transferring to the Toronto facility or to positions in other Rockstar studios.

The new Oakville facility is part of a deal with the Ontario government, though no specifics about how much the deal is worth were given. Jennifer Kolbe, VP of Publishing and Operations also revealed that Rockstar Toronto is planning on expanding even more: “We plan to add more than 50 new positions to our combined Canadian team.”

  1. avatar William

    Wow, I saw your post just after I posted this. Very enitcixg news, and congrats to all who were involved, what a victory indeed![Also, I have to say that I just LOVE Julia's restaurant, it's going to be my new favourite summer patio restaurant. I have an overdue review (with a few pictures!) coming soon.]

    • avatar Novita

      Do you have any other activities thguroh out the year. Is there some swimmers who meet even in Oct? And do members meet in swimming pools from Oct to May or not. Is there swim coach available in Toronto whi is part of the group that could assist me for some training ? thank you.

    • avatar Jennifer

      I have an 11 month old little boy and would love some of the bath toys! He is atoulsbely obsessed with bath time and he needs some new things to play with. I’d also love to put the gift card toward a new double stroller, because we are trying for baby #2. =)

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