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Avatar ImageReview: Where’s My Perry?
By: | July 2nd, 2012 | iPhone
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I’m a fan of just about every type of game. Whether it’s an epic eighty hour RPG, or a quick “time wasting” iOS title. A few months ago, I innocently stumbled across a mobile puzzle title named Where’s My Water?

I had seen it on the top ten list for weeks, with full five star ratings day in and day out. Eventually, I gave in, and spent the requisite $0.99 — I couldn’t have been happier.

As a result of the game’s runaway success, a new game titled Where’s My Perry was commissioned, using the Phineas and Ferb Disney license. Fundamentally, it’s pretty much the same thing as Where’s My Water. Not that that’s a bad thing in the slightest.

With Disney in charge of developer Creature Feep, I thought it would only be a matter of  time until they spearheaded a game with one of their IPs. Sure enough, Where’s My Perry is an mixture of the team’s previous game Where’s My Water and the hit Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.

Thankfully, all of the applicable voice actors from the show return, and they sound great. Dan Povenmire (Professor Doofenshmirtz) will consistently taunt you during random levels, which is right in character, and provides some laughs along the way. Fans of the show will also enjoy the minute-ish animated segments between chapters.

Like WMW, Perry‘s controls are extremely simple. All you have to do is dig through dirt and occasionally tap mechanical items to allow water or steam to flow into the title character’s chamber — once he’s good to go, it’s onto the next level. Sound simple? Well, it is, but that’s the beauty of it.

Before you know it, you’re moving onto various concepts like heat rays, ice rays, wind tunnels, and much more. Simply put, Where’s My Perry has incredible pacing for a puzzle game. Unlike a few other mobile puzzle titles (like Angry Birds on occasion), you’ll never get tired from doing the same concept over and over — Perry will switch things up enough to keep your experience interesting.

The only main problem I have is with the game’s bonus levels. With Where’s My Water, the team cleverly utilized the accelerometer function for it’s bonus levels, making them fairly unique, and adding new depth to the title’s water physics. Here, you simply guide a balloon (Balloony from the show) through various chasms upwards into a goal. They’re not particularly engaging in the slightest, and feel like a waste of space.

As long as you’re not expecting anything completely revolutionary, you should get your money’s worth with Where’s My Perry? If history repeats itself, you’re going to get a ton of extra free levels via content updates, and optional $0.99 IAP storylines. Even if none of that was coming, it would still be worth the meager price of entry.

Where’s My Perry? – $0.99 iOS | $0.99 Google Play

This review was based on a digital copy of Where’s My Perry? for the iPhone 4.

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