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It seems like the bad news doesn’t stop coming this summer for the games industry. Today Activision announced that Radical Entertainment, best known for the Prototype series, has been shut down.

According to Activision, the layoffs only affect “approximately 89 employees or less than 1.5% of our global workforce.” I’m sure the employees at Radical are comforted with that figure.

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Even though the Gamer Limit staff very much liked both Prototype and its sequel, the less than stellar sales of Prototype 2 are to blame for the studio’s closure. In their statement to Shacknews, Activision said, “Although we made a substantial investment in the Prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience. [...] The only remaining option is a significant reduction in staff.”

The bad news was first revealed on Twitter by Rob Bridgett, a former audio designer at Radical, in a simple, poignant tweet. However, despite the layoffs, the PC version of Prototype is still set to release on time on July 24, 2012. Radical revealed this fact in a farewell post on its Facebook page. I’m sick of having to say this because it kills me every time, but I hope that all those affected by Radical’s closure land on their feet. They’re a talented bunch.

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  1. avatar Jaguarnaut

    Maybe this will start sending the message across that peole have just had enough of the ultra violence and gore. I say: good riddance.

  2. avatar Alejandro

    KrazyFace / Hahahahaa! Yeah, crazy rich nOObs! That’s what I’d call an obsessed fan. I mean, I like my games an all that but a3200 on a GAME!!!I woudln’t even pay that for an unrelased PSP2

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