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At the Nintendo Direct pre-E3 event today live at 6PM EST, President Iwata unveiled the brand new, never before seen Wii-U Pro Controller for the upcoming console.

Right now we have no idea if this will come packaged in the introductory console purchase (probably not). Hopefully Nintendo actually follows through with Pro Controller support this generation, as a large number of their Wii titles had Classic support mysteriously absent. In fact, all we really know right now is that it looks an awful lot like a 360 controller.

We’ll have to wait until their official Conference on Tuesday for more information, but hey, at least we know it exists!

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    While some would say this is an imitation of the Xbox 360 controller, lets not forget that Microsoft imitated the Dreamcast controller when they released the Xbox. Two memory card slots and all, the second of which was most likely never used.

  2. Since they revealed this controller it really makes me wonder about the longevity/usability of the GamePad weird controller thing.

    If developers making multi-platform games are able to use this Pro controller for their Wii U versions, then will Nintendo be the only developer that makes games that utilize the GamePad? I have a feeling that only the biggest developers will have the resources to make their game for PS3/360 and then add Wii U functionality.

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