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Update: Brain Candy is now reporting that the major issues have been fixed. Albeit, smaller issues remain that may still contribute to availability issues.

The above message came from the Brain Candy development team on Tuesday, in light of major issues around the availability of their new online squad tactics game, Fray. Fingers point to their database provider who supposedly short changed resources. As a result, gamers are reporting everything from sessions all of a sudden dropping off to not even being able to log in.

Fray is touted as a game that focuses on simultaneous turn-based squad tactics. With plenty of maps, game modes and three corporations (races) to choose from, the game aims to deliver faster paced and more in-depth action than that of traditional turn-based squad games. If only they could get it up and running.

Higher traffic is expected for any game upon first release. Fray‘s traffic apparently was compounded by the fact that it reached the front page of Steam and garnered high visibility in Desura. Due to the unavailability, it also garnered some scathing remarks from first-day buyers. @Redblaster100 says, “… what did you expect as for [sic] data traffic and people trying to log on? I mean really I just give it as long as the dev team needs to fix this but I can understand why people would completely give up at this point on their purchase.”

Gamer Limit was working on a review of Fray several days before launch. Albeit, much play was had in beta; and we wanted to get some final game version play in before rendering our final verdict. Expect this review to come shortly after they get this issue resolved.

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