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Almost a full month after the release of Diablo III, the real-money auction house is finally live. For the past few weeks the in-game gold version was the only option for players to buy better gear.

The real-money auction house lets players use real currency to buy and sell in-game items. The currency earned for selling items can be converted to credit or transferred to PayPal. However, know that to use the real-money auction house you will need an authenticator.


  1. avatar Sigh.

    Is it really that difficult to find or capture a screenshot of the /actual/ auction house, rather than use some outdated concept graphic?

  2. avatar Eduard

    No you can’t have the advantage of bunyig from a wholesale auction without the negative of being a qualified appraiser and buyer of vehicles. That is the nature of the business that the public doesn’t understand, when a dealer buys at auction he has no guarantees and the vehicle is what it is. Mosy vehicles are marked redflag as is. prospective qualified buyers, with a dealer’s license are allowed to inspect them prior to the vehicle running through the block. But once purchase, it is theirs even if the engine falls out on the way home. Was this answer helpful?

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