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Sure, the highlight of this video is the ability to tear off a monster’s limb and beat him (or her) with it. Free-to-play MMO RaiderZ has so much more going for it, however. Take the fact that it has the Unreal 3 Engine under the hood.

This makes for a lot of detail and sheen, as would be expected from the engine that powers the BioShock and Batman: Arkham series’. Yes, there’s more!

When we got our hands on it at last year’s E3, we noted several other features like the skill system. Unlike other MMO’s, there are no classes in RaiderZ. Instead, players may gain and assign skill points to more than 350 skills, making for rather unique avatars. A double sword wielding warrior wizard? Yes, they got ‘em.

The ‘Grappling System’  is quite impressive. Monsters can snatch your avatar off the ground and devour it whole or yes, where you can exact Mortal Kombat fatality-like moves like tearing off limbs and using them as weapons. For a MMO, that is quite impressive, far beyond just making enemies fall or fly from a blast. Expect more up close and personal, and more dynamic, battles once this thing is released.

RaiderZ is truly shaping up to be one robust MMO. A free-to-play MMO to boot.

  1. This was at E3 last year. I only remember because it seemed like the cloth tote bags they were handing out wound up all over the place. That and, being a Raiders fan, the Z bothered me a tad.

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