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PixelJunk fans, unite! As of yesterday, PJ Racer, PJ Monsters, PJ Eden, and PJ Shooter are all on sale for $1 on the PSN. If I had to choose one game for you to buy out of the lot, I’d easily say Monsters, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them (particularly Eden, which I think is extremely overlooked).

In addition to their classic line, two of their newer games are on sale as well: PJ Shooter 2 and PJ Sidescroller are $5. All of this lasts until May 18th, when their brand new PixelJunk 4am launches. This sale doesn’t personally effect me, as I already have all of their games. They’re just that good!

  1. avatar Nathalia

    Hey, que chulo.He probado un par de Pixel Junks en la PSP (Uno de un bicho griasoco que iba en plan cananbalt por distintos niveles recolectando monedas; a medida que ibas pillando monedas el aspecto del juego cambiaba, y si llegabas al tope , se poneda todo como en una Game Boy antigua, el otro un Tower Defense).A ver si sacan unos cuantos me1s y con suerte hacen pack sin DRM de esos

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