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Guild Wars 2 hasn’t had a beta of this magnitude since the inception of the project — in fact, this is the first massive beta that didn’t largely involve the press. Thousands (if not tens or hundreds of thousands) of gamers are going to flood ArenaNet’s servers with sugary beta-testing goodness, and there is absolutely no NDA involved, meaning anyone and everyone can screencap and dump video to their heart’s content.

While I did encounter some technical issues with the beta thus far, I was able to capture some video of the event to show off some of the game’s content – new videos will be added as they are recorded. Without further ado, here are a bunch of videos of Guild Wars 2‘s beta event.

Character selection

Charr Blood Legion Intro

Norn Wolf Intro

Human Noble Intro

Roaming around the world

How World Encounters work

Charr Mesmer showcase

Charr Elementalist showcase

Norn Engineer showcase

Norn Thief showcase

Norn Necromancer Showcase

Human Warrior showcase

Human Guardian Showcase

Human Ranger Showcase

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