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Trials Evolution breaks XBLA sales record » Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution

  1. avatar Jazee

    Daytona USA is AWESOME thank you Sega AM port team! :) Please port the following:Daytona USA 2Scud RaceSega Rally 1995Sega Rally 2Vitura RacingSega Touring Car ChampionshipTurbo OutRunSuper Monaco GPOutRun2:SPThanks again for Daytona USA, the best aracde racing game of all time! :)

    • avatar Manow

      You have obviously never plyaed diablo. Before wow came out diablo was god. The only reason wow took over was because diablo 3 took ten years to develop. The game is not about the graphics. And please, these graphics are actually better then wows just a different perspective because its a action RPG. Means you do a lot more ass kicking and requires precise timing and skill.

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