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Trials Evolution

You guys like that Trials Evolution game, right? Well turns out you’re not alone. RedLynx’s Trials Evolution set the record for the highest grossing day-one sales on Xbox Live Arcade. How many sales did they need to break that record? Try over 100,000 in its first day after release. Hot damn!

RedLynx has to be pleased with those numbers. Demand for the game was so high that according to Gamasutra, Microsoft had to add more servers to accommodate all the users. In addition Gamasutra reports “leaderboards for Trials Evolution‘s recorded 120,000 users playing the game just a day after its release, and around 180,000 playing in its second day.”

[Source: Gamasutra]

  1. avatar Egi

    Right now it seems like some good oldies and renect releases are just getting amazing price drops. I’ve started playing Sins of a Solar Empire renectly, and I’m seriously losing time to that game. I imagine I’ll get home from work this afternoon, start up a game and come to at 4 AM on Monday, surrounded by empty cans of Spaghettios, wearing a stained wife-beater tank top and some sweet five o’clock shadow. The only challenge to Sins’ hold comes from Dawn of War II and its renect restructuring. That game is a whole new kind of beautiful mess.The remastered Monkey Island might help too. That game was such a huge part of my formative gaming years. With all the old school releases dropping on Steam and the digital distributors taking advantage of the summer drought with price drops, it’s a very good time to be a PC gamer.

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