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Aion, the worldwide Korean MMO, has gone completely free to play – no more subscriptions. Starting this month, you can level from 1-60 without any sort of fee. You’ll also naturally get all of the updates the game has obtained over the years, which includes extra content, and a number of tweaks that let you level up with less grinding.

Former writer James P. loved the atmosphere and the gameplay, so we’d highly suggest giving it a chance — even if you decide it’s not for you. Personally, I’m ready to jump back in after my account has been idle for a few years.

  1. avatar Anshu

    I only played the beta for about 15-20 mentuis, but I got a few things out of it. Most of my replies are in direct correlation to the main post.1) Beta keys I think this was quite possibly the worst open beta rollout I’ve ever entered. The second the beta signup page went live Square Enix’s account management and beta signup servers got instapwned and error/maintenance pages came up no matter what you did. To top it off the entire account management service was messed up for all end users. This included FFXI, FFXIV, etc users. I would think that an entity like Square Enix would be smart enough to realize that a highly-hyped open beta for a popular franchise could lead to DDoS’d servers and increase available resources temporarily. Apparently I was wrong. It took me 3 days to even get a key because I couldn’t stay up for 6-8 hours to get a key on opening night. Some of us have day jobs and can’t spam a page for hours on end in hopes of getting a key. I really don’t think it would’ve been as bad had beta keys been signed up for in advance and mailed out in advance, thus alleviating server load.2) Downloader pains I understand the cost benefit of using a distribution method such as bittorrent, but this downloader was frankly a pile of garbage. Luckily I did not have any of the crashes as encountered by several friends so I guess I just got lucky. One thing to note and mainly in agreement with Yudothat’s response was that the downloader was just down right aggressive and basically donkey punched your upload speed. There was no way to enforce a cap on the upload speed and as a result the fact that the upload was hitting your internet connection’s cap would cause your download speed to plummet into oblivion. This is a common issue on bittorrent so this is nothing new. Get with the program.3) Character creation This was actually pretty painless and easy to do. There were lots of options available and it just works .4) Graphics and sound The graphics look absolutely amazing assuming you have a machine with enough beef to turn on all the eye candy. The soundtrack is equally as good. With as nice as the graphics look it will take a good machine to handle this on a high resolution with everything on.5) Maps I only briefly played with the maps, but unless I’m braindead I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to use the piece of junk. The map couldn’t be moved around easily and could not be displayed in a smaller size or transparently displayed over the screen. I’m sure I’m missing something, but before I could go further with it I must go into my next point 6) Bugs, the size of mutant cockroaches Around 15-20 mentuis into playing I went through a cinematic (which by the way appear to be un-skippable another turnoff) and when I got through the cinematic I hit a loading screen. The loading times in this game make it look like I’m trying to load this thing off of a CD because it takes forever. Anyways, during the loading screen the game went bonkers and dropped several error screens in the game and then quit the game. These were errors shown within the game, not game executable crashes with errors to desktop. Moreover, after starting the game back up and logging back in, the error still happened. I tried several times and even hours later to my disappointment it still was broken. Yeah this is a beta, but coming across something that made me have to delete my character and start over from scratch is retarded. Preventing errors is one thing, handling them gracefully is another. Lastly, this game is less than 3 weeks from release and problems as big as this exist?!?Frankly I’m not even going to touch this game for a while and just maybe if I’m lucky when I check it a few months down the road things may be working better. I want this game to be good and maybe given some time it will be better. I’m crossing my fingers, but only time will tell. crash_maxed

  2. avatar Marylee Askvig

    Wow!!! Love the detail and reception shots!! Oh, and all the things in between! Attractive.

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