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Better late than never, right? New Play Control! Pikmin 2 released over three years ago in European territories, but American fans looking forward to seeing the updated Wii version of the GameCube classic have been forced to wait. Nintendo Power says that’ll be changing later this year, with Olimar and the creatures of “Distant Planet” making their way to North American shores once again this June.

Exciting news, but one has to wonder what took so long. Following something of an unfortunate trend for the publisher’s North American office, Pikmin 2 is the latest in a long line of titles that the publisher has brought to the United States months or years after hitting other territories. On top of that, over a dozen great titles have yet to see localization – a sad fact of life for any Wii fan lamenting the console’s sparse release calendar.

If you’ve been content to enjoy Pikmin 2 in its original state and have instead been looking forward to the next entry in the franchise, Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed that Nintendo will be bringing that title with them to Los Angeles for E3 later this year.

Pikmin 2 Finally Reaches North American Wiis Soon [nintendolife via Siliconera]

  1. avatar Thomas

    There are two people who shulod even think about getting this game. One is a diehard Grease fan that hasn’t played any other singing on rhythm game on any console. The other is a 5 year old. I bought this game because I love Grease and was hoping this was Just Dance meets American Idol . It’s nowhere close to both. I will bullet point the issues 1. The rhythm parts don’t sync to any actual dancing. You simply flick the wiimote up, down, left, right to the beat of the song. How is this fun? Every dance in the movie is basically a line dance. How hard could it have been to put motion controls to these moves? The choreography is already done for you!! 2. The guitar minigame is a little more thought out, but it’s difficult to play since the buttons you are required to press are on the same controller you are trying to simulate strumming with. Why not use the nunchuck?!? 3. Both of the previous controls are hit and miss. How can you make gameplay this simplistic, and then mess it up?!? 4. The driving isn’t bad if you’ve never played a driving game on the Wii. The gameplay is again simplistic. Move left or right avoiding obstacles and the scorpion’s car. However the camera angle is weird and the controls are too loose. The car is all over the place and it hard to judge what lane the obstacles are in. 5. Let’s get to the singing. The real reason I got this game. Wow, awful simply awful. This was the biggest disappointment. First the characters don’t sing. Their mouths never move, making the visuals extremely off-putting. Then they censored the songs. Really? I watched this movie when I was a little kid, and if your kids are playing this I assume they’ve seen the movie as well. Also you can only sing in a two-player game. So player 1 plays the awful minigame, while you sing. Really? Really?!?! The singing in a Grease game is secondary?!? Really?!?!? Now if I’m by myself, I have to fire up two Wiimotes and let it fail the minigame while I sing (or sucker someone into playing it). And lastly the karaoke is non-existent. If you’ve never played any ANY other singing game you don’t know what you are missing. But there is nothing about the karaoke part of this game that make you feel you are a part of the movie, or even lead singing the song. So in conclusion, your money is best spent on buying the Blu-ray, cranking the stereo, and turning on the subtitles. Please don’t support this obvious cash grab on the Grease franchise, or at least go get my used copy at Gamestop as it’s practically brand new!

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