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At a recent press event, ArenaNet has informed Gamer Limit that considerable effort will be made to ensure that people of all levels could enjoy Guild Wars 2‘s content in the final build of the upcoming MMO. For instance, if a level 80 player were to revist the very first starting area in the game, Guild Wars 2 would scale down that player’s statistics so that they didn’t automatically one-shot all of the locale’s enemies. This will ensure that players can not only go back and enjoy content with their friends and guild-mates, but also with random players that happen to be in the same area. This mechanic is compounded by the fact that you can’t “steal” drops, or quest-related objects from other players, as the game “auto-groups” you with characters in your vicinity.

Inversely, if you find yourself in the game’s “World vs. World” (WvW) function, GW2 will scale your up to level 80. The system will make some concessions so that players who have better gear and more skills will still have an advantage, due to the time you put into your particular character. Competitive PVP will put everyone on the same exact playing ground, both in terms of statistics and loot — the reason for this decision is because ArenaNet wanted the game to be a viable e-port that could be picked up by absolutely anyone, where the outcome was 100% determined by skill.

Out of all of these fairly unique ideas, I absolutely love the fact that you can’t have quest (events) objectives stolen from you. There’s nothing worse than dreading another player moving in on your quest drops, forcing you to take twice as much time as you actually needed to finish a simple quest. With the new grouping system, Guild Wars 2 will feel more like a true MMO when it comes to PVE questing.

  1. I am probably going to be getting some game time in during the upcoming first beta weekend. Are you or any of the other writers for GL planning to try this game out seriously Chris?

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