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There have been rumblings of Crysis 3, but never anything concrete — now EA is willing to reveal the next title in the FPS series, along with something fairly new — a bow-ready hero. The game will take place in New York, as the hero “Prophet” finds the city completely encased in “The Liberty Dome” — and just like Katniss, Prophet will have to traverse deep jungle locales with his trusty bow.

Crysis 3 will hit in Spring 2013., and you can pre-order it now on Origin and elsewhere for a few nominal bonuses, such as an XP bonus up to level 5 in multiplayer.¬† It’s not even out yet, and the game is already the “premier sandbox shooter experience of 2013″ — EA is the Dumbledore¬† of marketing.

[Source: EA]

  1. Spoiler: Snape kills Katniss who killed Dumbledore who killed the Prophet from Crysis 3.

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