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  1. avatar Deren

    I think it’s interesting that Carter dbcrsiees Christian fundamentalists as such: “The fundamentalists believe they have a unique relationship with God, and that they and their ideas are God’s ideas and God’s premises on the particular issue. Therefore, by definition since they are speaking for God anyone who disagrees with them is inherently wrong.”Using Carter’s logic, isn’t this also an accurate description of Hezbollah?When asked about Israel’s justification to attack Lebanon, Carter responds:”I don’t think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is holding almost 10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in Lebanon or in Gaza take one or two soldiers, Israel looks upon this as a justification for an attack on the civilian population of Lebanon and Gaza.”I’m sure all 10,000 prisoners are in prison because they were crossing the street the wrong way – model citizens, every one of them. Carter never mentions the dozens of suicide bombings over the years in Israel or the countless rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.All this coming from the man who let the hostages rot in Iran.Israel, continue to stand firm.

    • avatar Lizu

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