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For the next installment of my “Quick Tips” line, I bring you a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer guide, earned through my blood, sweat, and tears after earning a 100% Galactic Readiness Rating for the purposes of my review.

Even on Insanity, ME3‘s campaign is easy enough, but multiplayer, especially on the “Gold” rank setting, can get pretty tough. Read on to find out how to have an easier time raising your Galactic Readiness rating.


  • Always try to queue up for a random arena and a random enemy – you’ll earn more experience and a high overall Galactic Readiness rating.
  • That number in the red, next to the N7 logo, in a person’s playercard? That’s their overall level with all their characters combined. If you’re the type of player who only wants to play with experienced people, feel free to quit and come back to another game.
  • You will need an online pass to access Galaxy at War and the multiplayer component. The percentages can be raised through multiplayer and two iOS apps. Galactic Readiness affects your ending in Mass Effect 3, and you can earn an achievement/trophy for obtaining 100% overall readiness.
Advanced Tips

  • Save one rocket launcher special weapon (up on the d-pad) for Wave 11.  You will fight at least two of the “big” enemies (like Mechs and Banshees). If you can easily take at least one of these out, extraction will be fairly simple.
  • The easiest way to level up characters is to keep buying the cheap 5,000 credit boxes after you have bought a few 20,000 or 60,000 boxes. All you really need from the higher level boxes is one good weapon to use for your class of choice. You’ll also have a high percentage chance to earn bulk XP for character classes you already  unlocked.
  • You only really need to take one or two weapons with you on each mission, so you can use your abilities more often. As a Soldier, I usually only take a rifle and sniper rifle (mostly for Guardians or other select enemies).
  • Infiltrators can cloak to revive allies and tag objectives while invisible. Make sure and utilize that.
  • Nabbing objectives faster nets you more credits and bonuses. Simple as that. Don’t take five minutes grabbing the first objective. Run to the objective, bunker there, then move.
  • You can grab enemies behind cover and one-hit-kill them. Simply hide, have the enemy approach the other side, then melee.
  • If you’re a soldier, be sure and level up grenades quickly, as they are extremely effective. Memorize where ammo boxes are, and make sweeps around to all of them, refilling your grenades constantly as you use them.
  • Don’t be afraid to use or equip your power-ups, especially if you’re buying the cheap 5,000 credit boxes. Winning a match and earning that much more credits is always worth it. Except for medi-gel, which I will get to next.
  • On the topic of medi-gel, make sure you save your applications for when you’re the last player left, or when you’re near the end of your bleedout session. Also, saving one for Wave 11 works well, as you can waste time before extraction while bleeding out.
  • Once you obtain level 20, you can “prestige” your character and promote them to your single player game to earn more war assets. You can do this as often as you want, but it does take some time to reach level 20.
  • Multiplayer will always end at Wave 11, with an extraction mission. As long as one player is at the extraction point (the start of the level), everyone wins.
Cerberus Tactics

  • Troopers – Cerberus is probably the second easiest enemy arrangement of the bunch. Their diversity attempts to be unique in that you’ll need a variety of tactics to defeat them, but once you get them down, you just rinse and repeat. Troopers are pretty standard fare as far as enemies go. Pretty much any standard tactic above will work on them, as they don’t do anything out of the ordinary.
  • Centurions – these enemies are prone to shield damaging powers like Overload, and scopes that see through smoke work well against them when they drop their screens. Centurions can do a decent amount of damage if you let them, so focus fire as long as there aren’t any more high priority targets around.
  • Nemesis – these sniper foes can get pretty troublesome as they turtle behind cover at a distance. Soldiers and Krogans can make short work of them, but any class in the game can bum rush them. Infiltrators can also cloak and melee them to death (or out-snipe them). Just be sure and take them out fast.
  • Atlas Mechs – the Atlas is probably the easiest “big” enemy in the game. It’s extremely slow and cumbersome, and you can hear it coming from a mile away. Just duck into cover to avoid the missile and you’re good to go, while you’re shooting away at the canopy.
  • Guardians – Guardians are another fairly easy enemy. You can use singularity to lift them off the ground and rid them of their shield, or you can simply snipe through the slot and kill them in one shot. Grenades and other high impact abilities will stagger them, allowing you a two second window to fire at their feet or head.
  • Engineers – these guys need to be killed as soon as possible. Their job is to build high damage turrets around the map. At first glance this seems useless, as the turrets are stationary, but they are extremely dangerous and can kill you in a few seconds – they can also very easily catch any of your teammates off-guard if they come around a corner.
  • Phantoms – these enemies can be stopped through energy drain or overload, which allows you to take off their barrier. Phantoms are the highest priority target that Cerberus has, so make sure everyone is focusing fire. As long as you cooperate in taking them down, and maintain some distance, Phantoms will go down pretty easily. If you let them roam around with their cloaking ability, they will systematically kill all of your team one by one (like the Banshee).
Geth Tactics

  • Troops – In my opinion, the Geth are by far the easiest enemy in the game – consider yourself lucky if you randomize a Geth map. To add insult to injury, Disruptor Ammunition will work on all Geth, as will Overload and Sabotage.
  • Hunters – Geth Hunters can get the jump on you if you’re not careful, but they need 2-3 shots to kill you, and the AI isn’t aggressive enough to go all out most of the time. When you see a Hunter, try to stun it in any way possible (including grenades or melee) – as long as you disable it before it shotguns you, it will die very quickly. Just keep an eye out when playing against Geth for cloaked Hunters and you will be fine.
  • Rocket Troopers – Rocket Troopers, like Nemesis enemies on the Cerberus front, can be deadly if you don’t stay in cover. The solution? Stay in cover when you see them in waves. They die extremely quickly, and can be sniped or shotgunned around a corner before they rocket you. Just imagine them as snipers with slow moving projectiles – the splash damage of their rockets isn’t large enough to be scared of them.
  • Pyros – Pyros are probably the most dangerous unit the Geth have – they can surprise you and kill you in a few seconds. Cloaking isn’t particularly effective against Pyros, as they’ll usually just flame you out anyways. The best strategy is to of course stay far away and blast them from a distance, but you can also shoot their tanks to make short work of them. When you’re playing Geth, just keep an eye out for Pyros on the map and be aware of their locations while moving around – you don’t want to get cornered by a Pyro.
  • Geth Primes – Primes will deploy turrets and drones in addition to launching some heavy firepower your way – thankfully they have the least amount of health compared to the “big” units of other enemy armies. When a Prime enters the fray, just focus fire on it – you can even kill a Prime by yourself if you use a few abilities (which you should do if possible). You can also shoot their missiles to render them even more ineffective.  As long as you’re paying attention while playing the Geth, every enemy is easily countered.
Reaper Tactics

  • Husks – in my opinion, the Reapers are by far the hardest enemy in multiplayer. Husks, however, are extremely easy to deal with. Gun them down while they’re running at you, and be prepared to mash the melee button if they grab you. You can also “save” coop partners from their grabs.
  • Cannibals – Cannibals are the standard ranged troops of the Reaper army. You can shoot them in their heads to kill them quickly, but otherwise you can just take them out in any standard fashion. Don’t underestimate them however, as a group of them can gang up on you after a large firefight – especially if they’re buffed by Marauders.
  • Marauders – these enemies aren’t dangerous on their own, but they make other units dangerous through their blood bond buff. Gun down Marauders as soon as possible, and use abilities like Overload to take down their shield. These units can also be easily sniped in the head.
  • Brutes – Brutes are not particularly difficult enemies on their own in earlier waves, but when you get to later waves, they can be extremely dangerous due to their aggressive nature. Make these your top priority if your group is pinned down in an area, as Brutes will run in and directly ruin your day as the rest of the enemy army slowly makes their way into your foxhole. Brutes can be shot from behind as they aggro on another one of your partners, and blowing all your big-time abilities is a good idea against these units.
  • Banshees – Banshees will “aggro” on one unit at a time – use this to your advantage. Make sure that you’re always aware of the Banshee’s location (listen to the screams), so that you’re not instant killed (if a Banshee grabs you, you cannot be revived). Salarian Engineers have decoy, which works well against them. Banshees are probably the most destructive unit in the game, as they can also throw projectiles. Make sure the whole group focuses fire on these units.
  • Ravagers – Ravagers are one of the most destructive enemies in multiplayer. If you’re not paying attention, they can take you down from a distance almost instantly. They also have a tough carapace, and send out spider drones to boot.  The easiest way to take them down is to circle strafe them with a melee class (shotguns and Krogans work well).When they die, avoid the green acid where their carcass is and be aware of the spider drones they spawn.
  1. That is some pretty solid advice. It is hard to believe how many people I have met who insist buying anything less than a spectre box is a waste of money.

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    Note that you could shoot the sword off a phatom. I have no idea what they do after though. Thanks for the help.

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    Also reave is really helpfull on phantoms and banshees.

  5. avatar Fat Head Prawn

    stasis is undoubtably the best for phantoms and banshees. As soon as they are in stasis, cock your weapon and target the head, job done!

  6. avatar Fat Head Prawn

    sorry little confused, stasis dont work on the Banshees, but it IS very effective on those pesky phantoms :)

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