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  1. avatar Sachin

    yes i would say Tera boss fight do feel like monster hutenr MMO with lvl and skill. Because in hard mode dungeon? even tanks when you do get hit it hits pretty darn hard XD

    • avatar Luis

      I could see 4 new cameras in this order of reaslee:Son of Pedantic (Not) has the most sensible reply on this whole topic.Justin- 1Ds4 mother ship (no more low pass filter), medium format killer Have you ever used a 50mp Digial MF back with a 1/500- 1/800 flash sync? If so, you would never say such an absurd statement. As SOPN stated, a chip that is 2/ 1/2 times the size will produce images no FF DSLR can ever compete with, no matter how many pixels are squeezed onto it 3D – video killed the photographer star You must not know much about the quality difference of a still grab from even the best RAW video, and a camera like mentioned above Sorry.

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