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  1. avatar Cody

    Jennifer Carter – Thanks so much David!!! You did a wonderful job! They tunerd out beautiful. I will definitely call you the next time we are over that way to take some more Jennifer

    • avatar Satish

      So, if you believe all this to be true, what’s the soitluon? One obvious answer: more content!Have you read Andrew Odlyzko’s ? The soitluon isn’t more content; it’s stronger relationships with consumers. Even the article by Watts that you cited argues that instead of focusing on designing, marketing, and selling would-be hits , marketers should focus on creating portfolios of products that can be marketed using real-time measurement of and rapid response to consumer feedback. Emphasis added.Watts doesn’t argue that you should just place more bets. He also suggests that the size of the bets should be decreased. In the context of his argument, Watts is actually recommending something much simpler: more connections to consumers. Check out Differentiation or Salience in the Journal of Advertising Research, Nov-Dec 1997. The authors state that [f]amiliarity leads to liking Brand A being salient’ to more people than B is then usually also linked with whether A has, if anything, wider distribution; more shelf-space and display; more sales-people; more promotions; more word-of-mouth; more media mentions; more advertising; and probably bigger absolute profits. The beauty of XBLA (and similar systems) is that there are an infinite number of points at which consumers can interact with both the Microsoft and Xbox brands. Any of those interactions can lead to more experiences with other organizations and products (attached, in some way, to Microsoft and Xbox) and any of those points can become, or serve as, what Andy Sernovitz in Word of Mouth Marketing calls pure viral products. In retrospect, I think there’s value in defining content. The products in a portfolio should not be viewed as content. Content should be viewed as what products can offer, and products should be viewed as points of interaction with consumers. Calling products content just confuses the issues.

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