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Diablo III Tyrael

Blizzard is totally for serious this time, guys. They just announced Diablo III‘s official release date of May 15, 2012. You can pre-purchase digital copies right now, and the game will unlock at 12:01 am PDT on the 15th.

The game will also be available at retailers in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Other regions like Latin America and Russia will have to wait until June 7th. Blizzard’s press release contains more details about other fully localized versions. While I can’t confirm that this May 15th release date is because of my birthday, I can’t deny it either.

  1. What this game wasn’t vaporware? I kid…. Seriously though I remember them revealing this game before they revealed Wrath of the Lich King in WoW. Blizzard has done more than “take their time” on this release they have been downright lazy.

  2. avatar Ferahtsu

    Too bad the auction house will kill any reason to play the game. It’d be pretty annoying to clock a dozens of hours into this and meet a fresh player with better equipment than what you managed to quest for.

  3. avatar Bernardo Pults

    I totally dig this idea, but . . . who writes the first letters you guys or us? (above says, you guys, but the email I got just said we write them.) What is the subject matter? Can we write about anything? I’m able to imagine this can be a lot cheaper than therapy or medication for some persons. Can we include pictures of our cats? How about recipes for vegan cupcakes? There is a chance I might have interesting things to write about. What is the statistical probability that the reader will care? Great idea! You are all brilliant. Please advise.

  4. avatar Dorothea Valcourt-donde ir

    temas maravillosos en total, que acaba de ganar un nuevo lector. ?Qu? podr?a usted sugerir sobre su publican que acaba de crear un pu?ado de d?as dentro del pasado?

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