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The Last Story

  1. avatar Janaina

    Express yourself the way you want. If it hurts noone then Im all for it. Im not a fan of it but if that is how he feel then go on with ya bad self. Whenever a black man step out the box, they get cwnloed. Broaden your horizons. People calling him sisqo but lets be real when sisqo was out, chicks was on him left and right and probably got more a$$ than a toilet seat (old school yeah I know). Funny they always like to clown people and refer them to someone thats not on top anymore. That goes for alot of artist Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice and all of them. They all paved the way for alot of artist out now. Yall got me off topic, ANYWHO I say Chris do you and express yourself however you feel. Step out the box of the norm, you might like it

  2. avatar I Like Realtones

    Quite interesting. I do not know exactly what to say, but at least I want to thank you :)

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