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Mass Effect 3

Well, the space cat’s out of the bag now. A listing for a piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC was spotted today on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s already been pulled down, but the listing revealed the title “From Ashes” and the fact that it will cost 800 MS Moon Dollars, also known as Microsoft Points, when it comes out.

The description also listed some spoilers, but the vanilla version of it is we’ll “unearth lost secrets from the past” in the add-on. Some people believe that “From Ashes” will be included as free content for consumers who purchase the game new. EA and BioWare did something similar with Mass Effect 2 and the Zaeed character. IGN has a more spoiler-heavy write-up of what’s known so far about “From Ashes.”

[Source: Destructoid]

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