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Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition revealed » Prototype 2 Logo

Prototype 2 Logo

  1. avatar although prototype 2 is the best prototype game ever, Alex Mercer is and will always be my favorite prototype.

    A.J Deal

    • avatar Mel

      That’s interesting! The trowes are set to stick with their current target as long as it’s in range. One interesting thing that happens when you’re trying to optimize your placements is that since all shooting is resolved simultaneously, you will loose shots if you place two trowes so that they’re firing in sync at the same enemy. The first tower will shoot and kill the enemy so the second tower will be firing at an enemy that is already dead. There are so many tiny little choices like this, it wouldn’t be a huge deal to fix but I kind of like that there are little micro optimizations like that to make.

  2. avatar I do believe James Heller will kick Alex Mercers butt

    A.J Deal

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