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Civilization V Gods & Kings

2K Games announced that a new expansion pack for the acclaimed Civilization V entitled Gods & Kings is being developed by Firaxis Games for PC. The expansion pack is set to add new gameplay additions spanning the “breadth of human civilization.”

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According to the publisher, the expansion will “[take] players from founding the first Pantheon of the Gods and spreading religion across the world, to deploying spies in enemy cities to steal information and technology.” Also included will be new city-states, new units, new civilizations and wonders.

Here are some of Gods & Kings other key features:

  • Expanded Epic Game: 27 new units, 13 new buildings, and 9 new Wonders
  • New civilizations include the Netherlands, Celts, Mayans, and Carthage
  • Expanded emphasis on religion, diplomacy, and espionage
Based on all the info currently available, it sounds like Gods & Kings is going to be a pretty substantial expansion pack that’ll expand how you can play the game. Personally, I’m interested in using religion and spies to convert and undermine my rivals. So if you think you’ve had your fill of Civilization V already, get ready to come back to it sometime in “late spring 2012.”

[Source: Take-Two]

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