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Gamer Limit’s own Kyle MacGregor wrote about thatgamecompany’s Journey back when it was still in beta last year. Now the real deal has an official release date according to the US Playstation Blog.

On March 13 (and March 14 for EU) you can download Journey for $15. According to the post, Journey will kick off the PSN’s Spring Fever event just like how Flower did three years ago. The game is described as “an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s.”

[Source: US Playstation Blog, EU Playstation Blog]

  1. avatar Laraib

    Charlie Sierra Romeo / The network was not heakcd, and Sony knew this. The whole ordeal was caused by an internal calendar issue. Consoles thought 2010 was a leap year, and that yesterday was February 29th. PS3s across the globe blacked out’ on March 1st, and righted themselves on March 2nd no hack.Besides, if it was a worldwide hack I’m pretty sure a corporation like Sony would’ve have identified it!What a pointless article.

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