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  1. avatar Aleveiyah

    serious xbox 360 vs ps3 question?first off, i dont want plepoe saying xbox 360/ps3 rules or stuff like that.on sunday, the xbox 360 20gb will go down to $300, and so im thinking of getting still torn bet. a 360 and a ps3.hardware-wise, 360 is still a better console. yes, the ps3 has a more powerful engine, but that doesn’t mean it has the better graphics, etc. remember the original xbox vs ps2? xbox is superior before, but ps2 games still look awesome. and i know that 360 has a smarter anti-aliasing back buffer techniques, although ps3 has the cell broadband engine.also, i’m considering the game library. 360 has a solid game library. but as you all know, xbox is entering its 3rd year. that means sooner or later, there will be a new xbox. and ps3, although a total bum on its 1st year, is a pretty new console. that means the ps3 will not likely be replaced in the next 2-3 years. ps3 also has strong titles, but for me, games are still few.for the wi-fi, xbox live costs you nearly $50 a year. ps3 is free of charge.and most importantly, the cost. although 360 is the cheaper console, you still need to buy the wi-fi adapter, hdmi cable, usb cables, which in total, will be like the ps3 s cost, since the ps3 comes with built-in wi-fi and accessories i.e. hdmi cables, etc.also, will it be a plus for the ps3 cause i have a psp. or not really?i want plepoe to be fair in their answers, and give me a concrete argument about it. thanks.

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