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Death RidesDeath rides on June 26, 2012…rides into stores that is! Today, the official Darksiders Twitter account revealed the release date for Darksiders II.

They also tweeted a link to details about the (obligatory) pre-order bonuses. Hit the jump for more details about the various packs.

Angel of Death

Darksiders II takes place concurrently with its predecessor and follows the Horseman Death as he tries to figure out who set up his brother, War. As has become the norm for major releases, each of the three major retailers is getting their own exclusive bonus.

Gamestop: Pre-orders from Gamestop come with the “Death Rides” pack which features exclusive sidequests “allowing players to explore more of the Maker’s Realm and Dead Plains.”

Best Buy: Purchases from Best Buy include the “Angel of Death” comes with exclusive angelic looking armor and matching scythes.

Deadly Despair

Amazon: And finally if you prefer to pre-order from Amazon, you’ll receive the “Deadly Despair” pack which grants a permanent speed increase to Death’s horse, Despair, that “allows players to traverse the world at a much faster rate.”

Only going by the info we have now, I think Gamestop might have the best bonus because it includes actual quests not just equipment or permanent buffs for your horse. If you really need a pre-order bonus to make Despair go faster, what does that say about the speed it was originally programmed with?

There are links to the bonuses being offered by retailers outside the U.S.A. in the thread on the Darksiders website.

[Source: Twitter, Darksiders Community]

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