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Geralt is finally headed to the 360 – after years of talk about The Witcher coming to consoles in some way shape or form, a date has finally materialized for the series’ second entry: April 17th, 2012.

While I thorougly enjoyed Witcher 1′s unique take on ambiguous morality, I haven’t had a chance to play Witcher 2 yet; but that may change this Spring. No word on whether or not the console version will fill you in on the first game’s events, given how it’s still a PC exclusive. Also, there’s no information on how smooth the porting process is going: given how buggy the second game as at launch, you can probably expect a ton of bugs.

  1. Wow, that’s a gorgeous game. I have a feeling the level of visual fidelity won’t be so apparent in the port, but this is still excellent news. Still need to finish the first game, but I hope the series is successful as possible, as there are plenty of books left to be translated from Polish.

  2. Witcher 2 was definitely superior to the original but I still think it gets more props that it rightfully deserves. That said it is a good looking and fun game to play through, just be sure to learn the ropes early as the challenge ramps up quick. Once you get a grasp of things though you tend to breeze through.

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