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In case you just woke up, the internet sort of broke. Sort of. This particular scenario was a voluntary action engaged by many well known websites such as, Reddit, and Wikipedia. But in a few months time, this breakage may not be voluntary: the Government could easily have the authority to shut these sites (and many others) down in violation of a new law titled SOPA (PIPA in the Senate). To read up on this very real, very serious law, visit this landing page by GoogleReddit itself, and others .

It goes without saying that Gamer Limit does not support SOPA – in it’s current form, or any form. Any law that impedes free speech and allows corporations to effectively control the media isn’t something that deserves support; it’s something worth fighting against.

Although we weren’t fast enough to join in on the blackout today, we will be following SOPA’s continued developments, supporting websites who continue to fight the good fight, and one day we will have a blackout of our own. Hopefully, if other big websites such as Facebook and Twitter join the war against SOPA, officials will realize exactly what it is the bill stands for. As of now, we can only hope to raise public awareness, so that one day we don’t have to explain to our posterity why the internet is such a barren place.

  1. avatar Stacy

    Jan18Bunkerface Signed the petition with this mgesase:There are people in this world that only see numbers, who would rather see us live in a grey and bland world because that they can make money of the little entertainment and fun that is left for us to consume, that would not think twice about stripping away everything that makes the internet what it was supposed to be: Free and independent!If the Collateral Damage of a law is restricting the freedom of expression and the wonderful creativity the internet has given us in the short time it has existed, then the law failed even before it was made.

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