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What can I say about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that hasn’t been said by almost every other gaming publication out there? I mean the game has it all; story, visuals, immersion, gameplay. Aside from the few bugs I encountered, there really isn’t aspect of the game that I found disappointing. I’ve dumped tons of hours into Skyrim leveling up my skills, slaying monsters, and just wandering around the wilderness waiting to see what’s in store for me around the next corner. If it wasn’t for my childish desire to be a pro StarCraft II player, I may have taken up permanent residence in Skyrim.

I think what I found so impressive about Skyrim was its accessibility. I have plenty of friends who play games, but very few of them are into “hardcore” RPGs. They have no problem picking up games like Street Fighter, Madden or Call of Duty, but something that involves wizards, warriors and other fantasy elements?

Yeah right! But for some reason, Skyrim was able to pull them in. Maybe it was the stunning visuals or the massive world, but whatever it was it turned my semi-gamer friends into full fledged nerdlings (which is a good thing). Just because it allowed me to open a whole new world of gaming to my friends, Skyrim is without a doubt my game of the year.

  1. An obvious choice here but only because the game was so damn good. Skyrim is cleaning up all the “big” game of the year awards this time and it is probably rightfully so.

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