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In case you were too busy nerf-herding, The Old Republic launched this week, and it’s kind of a big deal. Part KOTOR/Mass Effect style action-RPG, part MMO, the newest game in the Star Wars franchise has finally hit. Of course, you can never be too careful to protect yourself from online smugglers, so some extra security methods are available.

Similar to WoW’s extra authentication method, Bioware and EA are offering both a physical authenticator device (for a fee) or a free mobile app to help secure your account. Either option helps protect your account by generating a random number that you must input before logging into the game, or your online account. Considering how easy it is to keylog these days, I’d highly recommend picking up either option.

Also, as per the usual MMO routine, you’ll have to put a credit card or game card on file before utilizing your 30 day free period – to bypass this, you can use Paypal on the official website, or use a pre-paid Visa Giftcard (just make sure it has a 3 digit security code on the back, and an expiration date).

  1. avatar Bolo

    Either I’m crazy, or the device has been fluctuating in price. I swear I saw it was $20+, then it was free, now it’s $4.

    Anyway, I think the extra security is cool. As someone who doesn’t know a lick of coding or where to begin in hacking, I think it’s legit and provides peace of mind. I got the mobile app cause that seems to be always free. Unknowingly, I got the collector’s edition and got a free device as well. Maybe I’ll give it to someone …

  2. avatar Ettanin

    Please note that it’s just security by Obscurity.
    The Random Number Auth system is based on two factors:
    * Time
    * Serial Number

    This means that a PRNG -the same at the client and the server – using the time and the SN is used.
    If the PRNG algorithm is leaked, then the security is broken if one gets the SN (or brute forces it by getting challenge requests and not responding to them)

    • The basic principle of IT Security is that you can never be too secure.

      So while you always have a chance of being hacked/compromised, adding this free application on top of a strong complex password doesn’t hurt :D

    • avatar Vishal

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