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Let’s cut to the chase: you know those 10 new nifty Gameboy Advance Ambassador games you just bagged on your 3DS? There’s a trick to changing the resolution and shrinking the picture. Are you ready for the secret? Grab your notepad, because this one’s time consuming: hold select when your GBA game starts. There you go – your resolution is now the original size!

A lot of sources are reporting that they find the new mode “less ugly”, but personally, I’m used to the screen-stretching effect, and I couldn’t care less either way (but hey, the article gave me an excuse to post a Minish Cap picture, so I can’t really go wrong here).

Source: Joystiq

  1. Oh, that reminds me that I still need to get around to playing the handheld Zelda games. Link’s Awakening was fantastic.

    • avatar Kai

      I’m right there with you Kizzie.. And damn, I’d like to see him in a pnaitoyl! I bet he could pull it off, lol!

    • avatar Zahid

      Daca-l smichb la loc in engleza e OK Se pare ca traducerea are probleme cu prima ora.In smichb, widgetul din drepta sus, cu tweeturile, tot nu-si revine (porneste contorizarea de la 2 ore). Culmea e ca prin alte parti am vazut ca merge OK tema. O fi de la blog?, alea?!

  2. avatar VinsonMotors

    Seriously LOVE the whole oiuftt……the bag and shoes are to die for….I may have to give Ebay a try:)Stop by and say Hello:)

  3. avatar Magdalene Arquitt

    My dream retirement would involve a pleasant log cabin in the mountains. Who needs a beach?

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