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Want your game inspired artwork to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people? The Smithsonian is making this dream a reality via it’s upcoming exhibit, The Art of Video Games. In addition to showcasing more than 80 games that span from Pac-Man to Portal, the United States’ national museum will put fan artwork on display as well.

The Smithsonian has created a Flickr group to which gamers brandishing an artistic flair can submit their work.

According to the campaign,

… we are looking for photographs that show how video games can inspire creativity! These might include images of video-game-inspired drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clothing, events, graphics, food, wallpaper… anything, really! We’re particularly interested in seeing creative and crazy costumes inspired by your favorite game characters.

Yes, cosplay is strongly encouraged. For those who are not artistically inclined, or just plain lazy, but who still want to get their name up as a supporter, a donation of $10 or more will snag a spot in the exhibit credits as well as a chance for goodies.

The Smithsonian is heralded as a repository of national treasures that not only include paintings and sculptures capturing the United States’ heritage and culture, but also important national documents like the Declaration of Independence. The Art of Video Games will be on display from March 16 to September 30, 2012, after which it will embark on a national tour.

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    Great video guys. Really enjoyed it. Who would have known how much goes on in order to feed so many. Made me feel like I was there eecerixnping it all. Keep blogging. Love ya, Aunt Sharon

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