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A new champion is on the horizon and her name is Riven. Riot Games recently announced that a sword-master with a mysterious past will be joining the cast, and the community is all abuzz about what her abilities could be, and her general role in the meta. The top predictions seem to be gunning for a Mage Tank or melee push dps, but of course, we won’t know until she actually drops.

A lot of “fans” are complaining that it looks too “Final Fantasy“, but I for one welcome the design – having a diversified design palette can only mean good things for gamers who are interested in joining the community. One of my favorite things about League of Legends is playing as champions that are appealing to me aesthetically – if I don’t like a champion’s look, I won’t play as him – it’s pretty simple!

Hit the jump for a full look at Riven’s storyline, in picture teasing format.

Source: Riot Games

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