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If you’re keen to actually play something on your Wii for a change and happen to live in Europe, then you’re in luck this week. The highly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles is launching in Europe this Friday, August 19th. If playing with a Wii remote and Nunchuk isn’t exactly your thing, the title is also coming bundled with a red Classic Controller Pro. If you’d like more information on the well-received Wii RPG, Nintendo has launched a full website for the title in addition to the trailer seen above.

Nintendo of America is keeping a close eye on how this one does at retail in Europe, so hopefully people actually buy the thing. It’s not like there’s anything else coming out for the system any time soon.

  1. A softmodding we will go.

    • Yeah, it’s in English now. If anyone’s really, really interested you’re only a SD card and some international shipping money away from enjoying Xenoblade.

    • Funny thing is I read a review by a UK gamer who got a early copy somehow and to hear him say it the dub is beyond bad. He actually preferred playing it in Japanese with subtitles. Gotta wonder why they even made the effort. Still english text is english.

    • The funny thing is that’s kind of a plus for me. I really love cheesy/terrible localizations.

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