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Xenoblade Chronicles landed on European shores last week, and so far it looks like the Wii RPG is performing pretty well at retail. The highly anticipated title is currently charting at number seven for entertainment software sales in the United Kingdom.

On the Wii-specific charts Xenoblade is second only to the ever-popular Zumba Fitness, which has enjoyed ten straight weeks in the top spot. Well that’s certainly exciting news. But if you’re still on the fence, our official review is on its way.

  1. Great to hear! Hopefully good sales will lead them to release the game in the states.

  2. Yeah my copy got delayed and on backorder even. More time for Deus Ex hehe so no complaints.

    • avatar Meet

      This is kind of like going over to a frined’s house. Except, this frined is an ass and won’t let you play the new game for almost an hour until you leave.

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