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Gala Networks Europe and Noria unveiled their latest MMORPG to the world Wednesday, SEVENCORE. Among other claims, the unveiling focused on the fact that it will uniquely blend typical fantasy tropes with sci-fi action. So, as Gala Networks Europe pre-production manager Matt Poujade explains, “you get to carry a really big sword the size of a tree and ride flying motorbikes with plasma guns on the side.”

Who’s up for some duel gun wielding, troll slashing, futuristic-yet-not action?

The announcement also assures hardcore MMORPG fans they will get the in-depth character customizations and race variations they have come to expect from other fantasy based titles. A solid storyline developed through quests and NPCs is also promised. At the same time, SEVENCORE is to deliver loads of mount-based combat, giving players a chance to ride various beasts and machines as they do battle. They’re calling this amalgam of new and tried-and-true gameplay fusion-fantasy.

“We are excited to partner with Noria on SEVENCORE,” said Nicolas Pajot, COO of Gala Networks Europe. “SEVENCORE is one of the most promising projects we have ever worked on and we are certain it will be a huge amount of fun for players when it launches.”

Here’s a gameplay trailer. What do you think? What would you think if we told you the game will be free-to-play?

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    It probably didn’t help that I just watched a trailer to Serous Sam 3, but this looks boring. Then again, I didn’t like WoW

  2. Yeah this looks a bit generic. They have a 2:17 long trailer and the first 45 seconds at least was boring shots of guys grinding mobs with some pretty average looking animations. Free to play helps but Blizzard does at least one thing right most other dont. When they make a trailer it is either a cinematic or only shows giant bosses fighting tons of people while the whole screen explodes. Cause one guy killing a beetle isn’t fun to watch.

  3. avatar Naveen

    i heard of this game on playback the onnlie show and the game is called Freerealms i think at but yea its free (name hint hint) but u have to download it but you can have a pet and all that stuffand i never herd of rappelz

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