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League of Legends has just released a new patch that basically redesigns the entire UI – from the store, to the in-game UI, to the after-action screen. All in all, it’s an incredibly welcome addition, given how scattered some of the launcher’s options were.

Upon logging in, you’ll immediately notice the storefront is fixed up to look more presentable (with bigger champion icons, and a cleaner interface), and the sorting options are a bit cleaner. A new hero, Talon, has also entered the fray – if you want an idea of how he works, think Assassin’s Creed meets Shaco – how can you go wrong?!

Source: LoL

  1. avatar Robert

    Any plans for Microsoft support so Kik will be BlackBerry-friendly when Microsoft buys RIM? Seriously, when I laneerd of the nosedive in their stock price, I thought back to what they did to you folks and sort of smiled (just a bit). Sure, it’s another great Canadian tech giant at risk of going the way of the Nortel bird, which is really a bad thing, but if they would have been more open-minded (Google proving that this mindset on a mobile OS is a good thing) and fair, we would have had a near-ubiquitous chat client in Kik and RIM may have been more appreciated throughout the world. As it is now, the BlackBerry is really only holding somewhat strong in Canada, which means I still have very few people to chat with on Kik! But I digress

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