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MOBA fans, rejoice! No longer will you have to occasionally sit in lanes, constantly wondering whether or not you’re going to face your next opponent in the near future – with the upcoming “Dominion” gametype in League of Legends, you’re going to see a whole lot of direct PVP confrontation.

Dominion works just like the common FPS gametype “Domination”: various checkpoints are set up and as each team captures objectives, points are awarded over time – in essence, all hell is breaking loose, all the time.¬†DotA II and Blizzard DotA are still quite a ways away, so at the very least, definitely¬†check out the free League of Legends client when you get the chance.

You can check out all the detailed info here, on the official website.

  1. avatar St3lf0s

    still haven’t checked out LoL, but this sounds fun

  2. avatar 6ArtemisFowl9

    Riot Games haven’t still patched dominion, and i’m still waiting…

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