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Capcom is showing full force at this year’s gamescom going down in Germany’s fourth largest city, Cologne. Starting tomorrow, fans will get to see what newness they have brewing for upcoming titles like Asura’s Wrath. This includes a new trailer that has Asura taking on his former mentor, Augus, in what can be described as a testosterone filled battle complete with a great phallus reference that takes place on the moon.

Gamer Limit has the video coming soon. For now, you can enjoy the new screens that show off some stills of the battle, as well as some character profiles including Augus; Kalrow, an old man with a walking stick on wheels (why not?) and Sergei who reminds me of Flea from Chrono Trigger. So, without further ado …

  1. avatar Juniben

    guys tackle Comic Con in the Big Apple to check out some exitnicg upcoming games! Featured here are Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Asura’s Wrath. Come along with us and PRESS

  2. avatar Edilberto

    I really hate how rveeiwers say that the main character is? a douche but when you compare it to God of War, Kratos is a just the same. Anyways I thought the review was good. I personally love it because its something new. Thanks Capcom.

  3. avatar Sulul

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    • avatar Yasim

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  4. avatar Keiffer

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