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Shadow of the Colossus and Ico will be re-releasing in glorious HD next month on the PlayStation 3. In addition to getting to experience these masterpieces again glorious HD and stereoscopic 3D visuals, you’ll be able to enjoy some additional bonus features unseen in the originals. The bundle features a total of five behind-the-scenes videos about the games and their developers. Also, trophies.

The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection lands in stores September 27.

  1. avatar Widy

    Very interesting. A lot of pelope think that David Chase was doing the same thing with the Sopranos, especially toward the end. Chase wanted to force the viewers to confront their fascination with the violence and evil of the Sopranos universe wanted to condemn the audience for loving the show.I actually had moral issues playing Colonization. Although there are four European powers, I only found two strategies that really worked. One was to play as the English, French, or (preferably) Dutch, and essentially industrialize/explore/trade. The other was to play as the Spanish and annihilate the natives for gold. I was never able to bring myself to pursue the Spanish strategy for very long, and in fact, I often went out of my way to stop the Spanish (by giving guns to the natives, picking fights with the Spanish, etc.).But then, the natives were really annoying, so sometimes I essentially used the Spanish to do my dirty work. The Spanish would slaughter the natives, and then I would conquer the Spanish. The end result was nice, open land with no pesky natives to attack my wagon trains. I didn’t do anything to make the Spanish slaughter the natives, but I let them do it and didn’t attack them until they had cleared a large swathe of territory.Sounds worse and worse the more I think about it.

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