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Muramasa: the Demon Blade developer Vanillaware is back with a new, turn based RPG called Grand Knights History. The upcoming PSP title is releasing in Japan next week and I’ve had  my eye on it for a while now.  Unfortunately, so far the only footage of the game has come in the form of short gameplay clips — until now.

An actual real-life trailer has appeared for your viewing pleasure and in typical Vanillaware fashion, it’s looking gorgeous. Hopefully, Marvelous Entertainment will bring this one stateside, but as of yet nothing has been confirmed. If not, at least Sony has the decency to make their consoles region free, unlike some people.

The trailer and an all-new gameplay short await you after the break.

[Source: andriasang]

  1. Those are some nice looking graphics. We will just have to wait and see if it makes it to the US though.

  2. avatar Vanessa

    Boom shkaklaaa boom boom, problem solved.

  3. avatar Berkay

    Thanks for the recommedations man,I have a colupe you should check out too.You probably have these flicks,but if you don’t check out these movies.Black Christmas(Personal favorite),Midnight Meat Train,Wolf Creek,Night Of The? Demons 1(!989)version,and The Kindred(Very hard to find movie but good).

  4. avatar Jael

    Come and sell out the stadiums in Canada once again , just as you did dunirg your Black Ice Tour, and no other bands or solo artists have ever done…

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