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GameStop has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Square Enix thought it might be nice to give fans a cloud-based copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolutionpacking redeemable codes for OnLive with the PC version of the game. The retail giant had other plans in store, instructing their employees to open and remove the bonus from sealed copies of the game.

Unsurprisingly, pilfering from their “valued” customers didn’t sit too well with — well, anyone. Now in hot water for their actions, the pre-order pundit is pulling the product from stores and honoring returns of the game. As suspected, the move came in defense of GameSpot’s upcoming cloud gaming and digital distribution service, Impulse.

Hit the jump if you’d like to see the latest email from the retailer on the subject.

  1. You know if they actually cared about fighting their competition and being the better service wouldn’t they have just removed the onlive code and instead included a code that did the same thing through their app? Or does their game streaming service even work yet? No? It doesn’t? Then how are they competing with Onlive exactly?

    • Impulse is in beta so they’re staving off their future competition from becoming more widespread. Not wanting to promote their competitors is fair enough, but they went about it in a bit of a shady manner.

    • avatar Samara

      the most part it looks like it. I downloaded the free app to check it out. I wachted a guy play Deus Ex and it looked beautiful from what I could tell. They looked more or less like console graphics, but they were by no means noticeably bad . If you want to know for your self just download the app on the site. Email, Name, password, and Boom, you’re in. Barely takes 30 seconds.

  2. avatar Anjar

    Maybe you’re thinking about the free trial? It’s a 14 day trial, the cards for them are sold in most game steros (like GameStop) for $1.99. The trial isn’t the full game though you only can gain a few levels, you can’t trade with other players, etc.As far as the full game itself there isn’t a way, aside from hacking someone’s account. It’s a paid game, with no exceptions.If you’re looking for a free MMORPG, a couple other games you could check out are Runescape ( and Maple Story ( : Was this answer helpful?

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