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Meet Direwolf in the new trailer for Certain Affinity’s upcoming XBLA exclusive, Crimson Alliance. Like all other maladjusted wizards of yore, he was shunned, treated like a pariah. But that didn’t stop him from building up his wizard powers.

Oh no, it only fueled him more to a point where he can now kick wholesale ass. Gamer Limit has the trailer for you, of course.

For those of you not familiar with the title, Crimson Alliance is a multiplayer action RPG where you take control of either a mercenary, assassin or wizard to battle the Cult of the Soul Siren to bloody death. Up to 4 players share one screen as they make their way through countless hordes of baddies. The whole affair reminds me of Gauntlet Legends.

So, Direwolf …

  1. avatar Bolo

    Gauntlet Legends indeed.

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