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While attention has shifted from gamescom to PAX Prime without us even thinking about it, there is a summit that will fly mostly under the radar this year — Cloud Gaming USA. Just after we’ve gone home with our swag bags and hangovers, this event will take place in San Jose, Calif. September 7 – 8.

Industry professionals will fill a conference hall adjacent to Silicon Valley in efforts to shape the future of how we play games. Most likely, the future won’t look like the above picture. Albeit, a look at the attendees may provide insight as to why we should pay attention.

Cloud Gaming USA released their attendee list Tuesday. It features those one would expect to show up, the Cloud Notables so to speak like Amazon, Comcast and Gaikai. Or, in other words, those who would stand to profit most from gamers migrating from owning to paying for access. Dig a little deeper into the list, and one finds a bevy of publishing and developing names like Namco Bandai, Nintendo and THQ.

Are we to expect the likes of Tekken, Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong and Saints Row soon to be found in the cloud? That may be the most visceral reaction. It’s more likely that these companies are interested in offering additional cloud based services, something like a persistent profile that maintains a copy of all your saves and purchases similar to the rumblings coming from EA, Ubisoft and Sony, who also will be attending.

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