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XSeed is living proof that publishers can make a living off localizing weird, niche Japanese titles in Western markets. They’ve some of my favourite Wii titles, including Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon and Little King’s Story. Nintendo may not be keen to bring Japanese RPGs stateside, but it looks as though XSeed is game.

So first of all, what is Earth Seeker?

All the world’s human heritage gets packed into a spaceship and evacuated off the planet, but the spaceship crashes into another planet and its cargo gets scattered all over the place. The ship’s main computer is trying to recreate Earth’s ecosystem on this planet, but the crash has affected it and it’s producing all this messed-up plant and animal life instead, which is hugely impacting the land.” -¬†Noritaka Funamizu, developer

Earth Seeker definitely sounds like an exciting title. Something more exciting is that XSeed is “definitely interested” in bringing them to the Americas. Let’s just hope it pans out.

[Siliconera, GoNintendo via Destructoid]


  1. avatar Todd

    Yes Xseed, I am “definitely interested” in this game too! Please bring it over! Thanks to you, I got to play Fragile Dreams, and that is by far one of my favorites now. No other story like it.

  2. avatar Arindam

    Yes, I’d definitely love to see Earth Seeker brought outside Japan (in both NTSC and PAL versions).

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