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The Steam Summer Camp event is coming to a close – and that doesn’t just mean the end of sick daily sales events. Along with 10 days of discounted games, the “Summer Camp” event itself allows you to hunt for achievements within Steam games (and Steam itself) for exclusive Steam DLC, and even one free game!

The event is pretty simple – for each listed Camp achievement you complete, you get a ticket. You can redeem three tickets for a prize, such as Alien Breed 2 , Team Fortress 2 summer glasses, and Portal 2 costumes. Even if you’re not interested in achievement hunting, personally I’d go for three super easy ones, and nab Alien Breed 2 - I mean, it is a full, free game.

In my opinion, the easiest tickets are “Join the Summer Camp Official Group”, “post a comment on a friend’s Steam page”, and “recommend a game to your friends”. See, that was easy, wasn’t it? Follow this link for a full list of rewards, and get going!

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