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Square Enix announced Monday its lineup for 2011′s Comic-Con, set for July 21-24 in San Diego, Calif. Attendees will get hands-on with four major titles: Dead Island, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Wakfu. In addition, the publisher will be holding one-hour panels for the first two games on the list.

Square Enix aims to dive deep with these panels, into societies’ perception of monsters (Dead Island) and the morals behind transhumanism (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), highlighting a bit of the academics behind these anticipated titles.

The Dead Island panel should be an interesting one, slated to feature such brains as Dr. Steven C. Schlozman, Harvard psychiatrist and author of The Zombie Autopsies, Haris Orkin, game writer and Max Brooks of The Zombie Survival Guide fame. Gamer Limit got its hands on Dead Island at this year’s E3 and can assure you that, in addition to the fun, there’s no shortage of deep psychological trauma throughout. A discussion about how one perceives, and how one should perceive, zombies has the potential to edify the acumen of any zombie survivalist.

Transhumanism will be another heavy discussion in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution panel. According to Arizona State University, transhumanism in part describes how humans have become another frontier of technology. Far beyond tummy tucks and artificial limbs, this field of study aims to find serious ways to expand human capability through genetic engineering. Think Gattaca times 10. This panel will be held by Mary DeMarle, lead writer for Eidos-Montreal and Will Rossellini, CEO of MicroTransponder.

Square Enix will also reveal five new Play Arts -Kai- figurines for Dissidia and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker at Comic-Con. Don’t forget to drop by their booth if you’re attending.

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    Well yeah it adds some variety but Lightning Amodar are still metnsors and are not the best COM and RAV (blue chocobo, golden chocobo,? chichu, cloudburst, etc). For Sazh DLC you get 2 minigames and the story is how he managed to arrive to Serendipity for what Ib4ve read. There is a rumor about a Snow DLC but nothing official about this.In my case the Lightning Amodar DLC and Sazh DLC are not in my list, at least not in these days.

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