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Last weekend Ignition showed off the demo of El Shaddai that we previewed at E3 to the folks that attended Anime Expo 2011. Shane Bettenhausen, Ignition’s Business and Marketing Director, discussed El Shaddai’s religious source material . He hopes that the game won’t be seen as another religiously-themed title that just tries to “sell” religion.

Bettenhausen went on to say that Ignition “wanted to take this text and treat it in a new way, to give it to a team in Japan that doesn’t have any connection to that. They’re not religious in that way, so they could treat it as just mythology and create a new graphical style and a new gameplay style.” We’re certainly looking forward to delving into El Shaddai when it lands on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this month.

[Gamer Gaia via Joystiq]

  1. He’s completely right – the religious tones seem to be purely cosmetic and meaningless, in order to add a sense of style, as was the case with Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    I mean, Lucifer with a designer jacket and cell phone that he uses to talk to God – it’s almost a parody of Christianity!

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